Goodby 2014! Hello 2015!: Digital Detox

It was a spontaneous decision. Grabbed a hotel under best deals in, and redeemed a free night at Days Hotel (with minimal top-up).

Given the nature of my work, I’m wired most of the time.

But I also subscribe to Arianna Huffington’s third metric of success. #Thrive

What is the best time to go on a #digitaldetox? So I kept my phones and Ipad away after posting a last picture onto Instagram and Facebook, and declared the start of my digital detox for a night.

I am supposed to go off the TV, but I watched a bit before switching off. There was an interesting programme “Talking Business” on BBC, hosted by Linda Yueh, speaking to the Chief Executive of Huawei. She interviewed a few brand strategists on their take on Huawei, and that’s some food for thought. Sales of Huawei is third after Apple and Samsung, but results are disappointing in America. Is it possible for the Chinese brand to become the next mobile phone/tablet giant globally?

Then I continued reading my book by Donald Low, Hard Choices. Very thought provoking, but yet disturbing. Where is Singapore positioning itself in the global economy? And who are we, fellow Singaporeans?

We need to make the effort to change, and make things better. That’s how we can bring hope into our lives. Slow down, you will look at things in a different perspective.

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