The opposite of love

A good friend once asked me, what is the opposite of love. I answered “hate”. I was wrong.

“Indifference”, is the answer.

There will be hate when you still love, or has feelings for the person. You still care, that’s why your feelings for the person felt different.

People in your life come and go. We all have such experiences. I no longer feel anything for the ex-husband, the past doesn’t haunt me.

I’ve learnt to let it go. People can be angry, upset with me, and it doesn’t affect me. I cannot please everyone in the world. I don’t have to punish myself with other people’s anger. There is no need for such transfer of pain.

Wisdom doesn’t come with age only. It comes with experiences and learning from them.

Taken on my 29th birthday, I celebrated a new chapter in my life.

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