Wearable tech: My Fitbit Flex

It’s said wearable tech will be one of the highlights in 2015, with many new brands and designs. More powerful devices, with better aesthetics.

I’m quite happy with how my Fitbit Flex looks like. I do find the range of trackers from Fitbit looking quite pleasant. Not too rugged for a lady’s everyday wear, even for Fitbit Charge.

My Fitbit Flex

I love my fitness tracker device, though there are things that I feel can be better. If only I don’t have to remove the tracker and charging takes place with solar energy. As long as one is in the sun, the tracker will absorb the energy. And this encourages people to get out and walk more!

Fitbit Flex is charging

I always feel strange when my tracker is charging, because I know I will miss out on steps taken, calories burned, and that day’s recording won’t be so accurate. (Call me obsessed!) That’s why I hope for a device that will not required you to remove the tracker from your body at all to charge.

There are so much for such trackers to catch up. Things such as heart rate tracking, better sleep monitoring, capturing calories intake without having the user/wearer to input manually. I’m hoping for a tracker that can detect sleep automatically, from the time I fall asleep, sleep pattern and quality, and what time I should wake up. I’ve read in a Huffington Post article that sleep comes in 90 minute blocks, if you wake up at the end of the 90 minute cycle, you will wake up feeling fresh.

It will be exciting times ahead for wearable tech. I’m looking forward to see one that will better suit my needs. (And price must be affordable too! I’ve got my Fitbit Flex really cheap during Amazon Black Friday sales!)

For now, I’m happy with my Fitbit Flex.

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