10 Things I do to Thrive!

This is a busy weekend. There is a big pitch, and I only have the weekend to work on the strategy deck. Submission is on Monday.

Image created using Canva

Image created using Canva

However it doesn’t mean life will be a wreck. Being a firm believer of #Thrive, there are things you can do any day to make the day positive. 10 things I do today to thrive:

1. I walk at least 10,000 steps today. (Numbers from my Fitbit Flex.)

2. I drink at least 1.8l of water. (Similarly, I monitor this using my Fitbit Flex.)

3. I spend at least 15 minutes reading a good book. (Current read: How Google Works by Eric Schmidt & Jonanthan Rosenburg)

4. I watch one Ted video.

5. I get at least 15 minutes of sun today. (Sun helps us produce Vitamin D for the body. Don’t forget your sunblock too!)

6. I help someone in need.

7. I take some good pictures.

8. I spend at least 15 minutes reading the latest National Geographic magazine. (I have the annual subscription on my Ipad.)

9. I will celebrate life.

10. I write a blog post. (almost done!)

Happy weekend everyone! How do you #thrive?

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