Keep Baking and Optimize

Every year without fail I’ll bake pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year. It’s a recipe passed down by my ex-neighbour. There’s no secret to my pineapple tarts, I’ve shared the recipe with so many people.

Everyone tells me my pineapple tarts are so buttery and delicious. Some tried my recipe but they can’t achieve the same results. The only reason I can think of, it’s the mood and heart you put into the tarts.

I used to bake a lot more, not just during Chinese New Year period but also during Mooncake Festival, Christmas etc, and I’ll bring to school or office to share with friends and teachers. My teachers from Nanyang Junior College can share those sweet memories.


In December 2014 edition of National Geographic magazine, it talked about food as a culture, and how it brings people together. It’s so inspiring and relatable. It was mentioned that when you cook for people, you need to feel happy, so the food will be delicious, and the people eating it will be happy.


While my pineapple tarts are already so well received, I want to make it better. Baking is fun, I enjoy it, and making the taste better can be so rewarding. And my happiness can be shared with people who eats the food.


So this time round, I experimented how to make pineapple tarts taste even better. Optimize. (So says a digital/social person) I looked around for a different brand of butter, and modified the baking temperature and times, of different permutations to see what works better. Jolly fun.


No one taste is perfect, but the result was encouraging. Becoming better is a continuous process, regardless of what it is. I’ll continue to bake and optimize. Mission: To share good food and happiness with love!


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