10 Things I do to Thrive!

This is a busy weekend. There is a big pitch, and I only have the weekend to work on the strategy deck. Submission is on Monday.

Image created using Canva

Image created using Canva

However it doesn’t mean life will be a wreck. Being a firm believer of #Thrive, there are things you can do any day to make the day positive. 10 things I do today to thrive:

1. I walk at least 10,000 steps today. (Numbers from my Fitbit Flex.)

2. I drink at least 1.8l of water. (Similarly, I monitor this using my Fitbit Flex.)

3. I spend at least 15 minutes reading a good book. (Current read: How Google Works by Eric Schmidt & Jonanthan Rosenburg)

4. I watch one Ted video.

5. I get at least 15 minutes of sun today. (Sun helps us produce Vitamin D for the body. Don’t forget your sunblock too!)

6. I help someone in need.

7. I take some good pictures.

8. I spend at least 15 minutes reading the latest National Geographic magazine. (I have the annual subscription on my Ipad.)

9. I will celebrate life.

10. I write a blog post. (almost done!)

Happy weekend everyone! How do you #thrive?

Wearable tech: My Fitbit Flex

It’s said wearable tech will be one of the highlights in 2015, with many new brands and designs. More powerful devices, with better aesthetics.

I’m quite happy with how my Fitbit Flex looks like. I do find the range of trackers from Fitbit looking quite pleasant. Not too rugged for a lady’s everyday wear, even for Fitbit Charge.

My Fitbit Flex

I love my fitness tracker device, though there are things that I feel can be better. If only I don’t have to remove the tracker and charging takes place with solar energy. As long as one is in the sun, the tracker will absorb the energy. And this encourages people to get out and walk more!

Fitbit Flex is charging

I always feel strange when my tracker is charging, because I know I will miss out on steps taken, calories burned, and that day’s recording won’t be so accurate. (Call me obsessed!) That’s why I hope for a device that will not required you to remove the tracker from your body at all to charge.

There are so much for such trackers to catch up. Things such as heart rate tracking, better sleep monitoring, capturing calories intake without having the user/wearer to input manually. I’m hoping for a tracker that can detect sleep automatically, from the time I fall asleep, sleep pattern and quality, and what time I should wake up. I’ve read in a Huffington Post article that sleep comes in 90 minute blocks, if you wake up at the end of the 90 minute cycle, you will wake up feeling fresh.

It will be exciting times ahead for wearable tech. I’m looking forward to see one that will better suit my needs. (And price must be affordable too! I’ve got my Fitbit Flex really cheap during Amazon Black Friday sales!)

For now, I’m happy with my Fitbit Flex.

The new MediaCorp building

By chance, I was at One-North area, and walked past the new MediaCorp building. I’ve seen the pictures, layout of the new building many many times, when I was still with the company. I’ve never had the chance to visit it, and I thought it’s unlikely that I’ll get to see it during the construction phase. But it didn’t happen. I saw the new building, the shape and form exactly the same as what I saw.

Looking forward to see the actual building after completion. I do feel for MediaCorp, I spent a good 6 years of my life and career there. I’ve seen it grow, sweat and cried with the company throughout the journey. Thank you MediaCorp. Thank you Shaun. Thank you Debra. And everyone else for giving me the opportunities and love while I was with MediaCorp and Channel NewsAsia.

New MediaCorp building under construction

The opposite of love

A good friend once asked me, what is the opposite of love. I answered “hate”. I was wrong.

“Indifference”, is the answer.

There will be hate when you still love, or has feelings for the person. You still care, that’s why your feelings for the person felt different.

People in your life come and go. We all have such experiences. I no longer feel anything for the ex-husband, the past doesn’t haunt me.

I’ve learnt to let it go. People can be angry, upset with me, and it doesn’t affect me. I cannot please everyone in the world. I don’t have to punish myself with other people’s anger. There is no need for such transfer of pain.

Wisdom doesn’t come with age only. It comes with experiences and learning from them.

Taken on my 29th birthday, I celebrated a new chapter in my life.


Cat cafes have been the talk of the town for a while in Singapore. I’ve never been to one, until today.

I used to be scared of cats, and it takes a while for me to warm up to them now. (Especially when they have super long nails!)

Out of curiosity, I went to The Company of Cats in Chinatown. (Yes, it’s so near my office, why go on a Sunday and not lunch time during weekdays you ask. I wanted to go with my colleagues last Friday, but we scratched the idea. I reckon it’s more relaxed to go on a weekend, after a photoshoot in Chinatown Heritage Centre. Took some photos for work.)

The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the room: Totoro mat! (the cats camouflaged themselves)

The first thing that caught my eye when I entered the room: Totoro mat! (the cats camouflaged themselves)

One of the cats Lily was hiding below one of the chairs next to this mat, she just stood there so quietly!

This is Lily, looking at the cats outside.

This is Lily, looking at the cats outside.

She is a mama cat, and her son is Harry. He is such an active boy, climbing up and down, running everywhere. Of course, he has his quiet moments, when he’s taking a rest. He enjoyed the stroking and massage I gave him!

Meet Harry!

Meet Harry!

We went at 3pm. The cats are rather quiet, because it’s nap time. Some of them slept throughout, some just woke up, and some just got to sleep.

Elliot just woke up, and he was grooming himself. Couldn't bother himself with me!

Elliot just woke up, and he was grooming himself. Couldn’t bother himself with me!

I asked my friend who has a cat, he went with me to meet the cats, whether these cat cafes will survive. One such cafe, Cat Cafe Cuddles in Orchard shut down because it was said some cats died before the opening. So now there are 4 such cafes still in operation, and 1 cat museum- The Cat Museum.

Friend said most cat lovers would already have cats at home (like himself!), he thinks such cafes are just novelty, though he hopes they will survive. I do hope he is right, that these cafes will survive. Because I don’t have a cat at home, but I would love to have one. And for some people, they love pets but they cannot commit to taking care of them, especially for parents with kids asking for one. These cat cafes (or maybe dog cafes one day!) are places to spend some intimate cuddling time. But due to high overheads, and some for donations, the entrance fee to these cat cafes are not cheap. For The Company of Cats, it’s $14 for the first hour, and comes with a drink. There are food as well, but nothing too fancy. Yes, there is a loyalty card given, but that means having to spend $300 first, and you will get a free entry. For most families in Singapore, $300 is a lot of money, especially the middle class, which are often called the new poor.

Sandwich in the lunchbox

Sandwich in the lunchbox

I wouldn’t mind bringing my nephews or nieces to these cat cafes one day for outings. But I don’t think I can afford to do that every week, my pockets will bleed tremendously!

Meringue was the most active today, and he has the naughty look even when asleep!

Meringue was the most active today, and he has the naughty look even when asleep!

But these felines are sooo cute and sweet, which I might drop by whenever I need to take a break from work! (since The Company of Cats is so near my office, and cats get closer to you after they warm up to you. I guess with repeat visits, they will remember me.)

Satisfied Saturday: Adonis Hotel/ Argo Restaurant in Purvis Street

The biggest hype of Purvis Street now is the cat museum, just newly opened yesterday, Friday, 9 Jan. I walked past it today, but I decided not to go in. I had plans for the day.

It was nearly 1.30pm, and I was really hungry. I wanted to go to my favourite porridge stall in Albert court food centre, but it was so packed, that I gave up. So I continued walking, past Bugis, nothing caught my eye. I walked and walked. Then I thought of Purvis Street, maybe I should go to Chin Chin and have a traditional Hainanese dish, 韭菜冬粉. (It’s a dish using chives and cellophane noodles. I haven’t had this dish for a few years!)

Before I reached Chin Chin, I saw a sign- Adonis Hotel. I walked past it, took a double take. I stood there for a second, the front looks like a restaurant to me. No way it’s a hotel, I thought! So I pull open the door and went it. I asked for their menu, and was told the set lunch is at $25++ for a 3 course. I was SUPER hungry, and the place looks really pleasant, so I found a seat and sat down.

Lavendar flower in cafe

Each table has a small pot of Lavendar.

The restaurant is called Argo. (I learnt about it after finishing the meal, when the staff came up to me to find out how I find the food.) It’s fairly new, just opened about 3 months ago, and they are currently in the process of beefing up their menu, therefore the current choices are rather limited.

I took a seat by the back. A shot from my seat of the entrance.

I took a seat by the back. A shot from my seat of the entrance.

As you can see from the above picture, the front really doesn’t look like a hotel concierge! It’s quiet business for a Saturday, because it’s too new. There are too many places with awesome food in this area.

The 3 course meal comes with a soup as appetizer, a main, dessert and a drink. There are only 2 options for the main course, either Fish & Chips, or Prawn Aglio Olio. I chose the latter.

I asked for a Sprite for my drink.

I asked for a Sprite for my drink.

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with bread

Creamy Pumpkin Soup with bread

It was Creamy Pumpkin Soup as starter. Because I love pumpkins, so I have very high standards of pumpkin dishes. The soup served had a silky texture. The soup was dense, but you won’t find it hard to stomach with too much cream. Bread was soft and yummy too! The olive oil spread on the bread was good!

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

Creamy Pumpkin Soup

SMOOTH texture!

SMOOTH texture!

To be honest, I had my doubts about the place at first. But the soup started off on a right foot. Still hungry, I couldn’t wait for my pasta.

Prawn Aglio Olio

Prawn Aglio Olio

At first sight, I started drooling at those prawns! They look nearly transparent, and SO fresh!

Look at those prawns (and chilli padi!)

Look at those prawns (and chilli padi!)

The amount of garlic and olive oil in the pasta was generous! (Aglio Olio uses alot of oil by the way! If you are on a diet, then I advise you don’t eat Aglio Olio. It’s okay to have calories from YUMMY food!) And because I love spicy food, the chilli padi was SHIOK! (it’s not that spicy if you are worried, just don’t eat the chilli.)

I was really happy with my pasta. I didn’t expect it to be so good. The prawns are fresh (you can remove the shell easily) and springy, and you get quite a lot of them. The pasta was done al dente, and you get the aroma of garlic in a good aglio olio. The service staff did ask me if the serving of the food was sufficient after I finished my meal. I told her it’s just nice for me, because I am not a super big eater. I suspect it might not be enough for the guys.

The only way for me to eat fruits- Give me berries and a dessert.

The only way for me to eat fruits- Give me berries and a dessert.

The panna cotta was okay- really okay. It was quite dense, just like the one I had previously in Otto Ristorante, a famous Italian restaurant. (It’s fine dining- note your budget.)

Really glad that I found this place. I am already tempted to do a staycation at this place. They have a total of 19 rooms, and 6  types of them. Apart from the smallest one, the Quaint Queen having more rooms, the other 5 types have only 1 room each, and they are all themed. I saw pictures of the Suite Artist, which has an outdoor bathtub, I so want to do a staycation there!

Adonis/Argo- I will be back!

It was so much fun today, to discover Adonis Hotel, before my planned trip to the Peranakan Museum. Till next time!

Reading this book in Argo: Peranakan Museum guidebook

Read this book in Argo: Peranakan Museum guidebook

Thorns beneath the smiles

My heart feels heavy. Talking to a friend, about another friend who is having some issues with his marriage.

This other friend never fails a grin, and his Brit humour not to be missed. I was shocked to hear what happened. Life is so fragile.

Earlier today, one of the most respected criminal lawyer in Singapore, Subhas Anandas passed away due to a heart attack. He was aged 67. He has handled many high level cases, and his partner at the firm gave the number 1500, the cases Subhas handled in his career.

People seemingly successful and happy. But what is their true expression behind the facial features. Subhas had so many pills to take, I wonder he was able to keep up with it. I am sure his life must have been stressful, though it was a job that he believed in.

Look beyond what you can see. Feel with your heart, and you shall see in the darkness.

1 thing to do in 2015!

I’m always thankful for having wonderful friends made during the course of my life, especially in my career.

I’ve lost touched with some, but still in contact with most, though we haven’t met for a long time.

In 2015, I promise to meet up with these friends, no matter how much work there is to do.


Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

I think I took more than 500 photos today.

My creative designer told me she needs some high resolution image of Kinder Bueno chocolate, so I went out to get some today. Once I got back, I started shooting and uploaded them to Box for her to use. (It’s 100+ photos for this batch, so it took a while to upload.)

While it’s uploading, I went to Bras Besah to look for flipboard. (It’s for office, my boss Zoran told me to get it. Thank goodness it will be delivered to my office the next day, so I won’t have to lug it up 3 storeys of stairs! Office is in a shophouse, there’s no lift!)

Came back, and continued with the shoot. Making use of whatever I can find at home, from yoghurt, granola, transparent glass cups and bowls and of course chocolates, I made up whatever I can and snapped pictures.

It’s just so me, once I start, I can’t stop.

Though it’s work, but I do love photography. It was good fun today with my oh so bimbo camera! And this is how I #thrive!

My oh so bimbo Samsung NX1000

Happy 2015! It’s so Wangderful!

It’s 2015, and it also means that the Chinese New Year (CNY) is coming soon. This year it will be on 19 Feb.

Usually before CNY, I’ll bake some pineapple tarts, for family and friends, and sale.

I’ve got my first order for 2015, so I spent the afternoon baking.

It’s so (旺)Wangderful (wonderful) to spend first day of the year baking.

Happy 2015 everybody!