Experiment with #AdWords

I have started on a new experiment over the past few days- using AdWords to promote my blog.

Yes, I do want more pageviews and visitors to my blog, but I am not expecting to use paid search to gain 1,000,000 PV and UV overnight. The purpose of using AdWords to promote my blog, is to get hands-on experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

In the past, paid search marketing falls in the same category as SEO, but now paid search has a more defined role. And now we have SEO and SEM.

Reading about digital and social media is one way to learn. But hands-on experience will help you get insights, and makes understanding easier. (Perhaps I am just someone who needs practice to learn better.)

There are so many aspects of digital marketing, and Performance Marketing is one of them. I am interested to find out more about Performance Marketing, but I don’t see myself going down in that career path, as my interest still lies with content creation, the creative production side of it. (I am not saying people doing Performance Marketing are not creative! They need to be very creative to think of good and effective media strategies! Creative here is a noun.)

So in case you reside in Singapore, and happen to see banner ads of my blog when you conduct a search, please don’t be alarmed. This is part of my experiment and learning process.


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