Day 9: #Celebratelife365


I still have 2 weeks to the end of my NYU modules. It’s another student weekend, pounding hard on my notes and assignments. Mum cooked lunch today, it was spaghetti with scallops. It was good fuel to see me through work after lunch. But for some strange reasons, I was hungry an hour later after lunch. I have been eating alot recently, my metabolism rate seems to have gone up.

As I really need to do my work, I didn’t want to eat any food that will induce food coma. (okay, that’s an excuse. I was craving for sashimi, and those ikura! Look at the last picture, sashimi salad.)

I’ve always been a fan of anything Japanese. From the language, to culture, and also food. I’m pretty good at preparing Japanese cuisine. Haven’t done it for a while because it’s quite time consuming. I like to prepare most of the items from scratch. For example when making chawamushi, I would boil the kelps to make the dashi, and use it with the egg mixture, instead of getting instant dashi powder.

It’s been a productive day, and I am very happy. I would also credit this to the sleep I had yesterday. I wanted to work on my assignments yesterday while on leave, but I had bad menstrual cramps, so I ended up sleeping quite a bit, woke up for dinner and went to sleep again. I didn’t do any work, but I woke up feeling fresh this morning. I was well-rested. I’ve always been an advocate of sleep, so no, I don’t feel guilty. If I didn’t get the rest I needed, I wouldn’t be so productive today. Most probably I will still be trying to recover from my cramps today. (Thankfully it’s gone away!)

So many things to celebrate and be happy about today. Remember, you decide your happiness. No matter what happens, you can decide how things can affect you. Your car might break down, but it will give you the chance to take public transport and understand how people without cars commute. No matter how bad things might seem, it will always be a blessing in disguise.

Stay happy, #celebratelife365, and #thrive!

Sashimi for tea

Sashimi for tea



Sashimi Salad

Sashimi Salad. Look at those ikura!


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