#Thrive: The #NYU race so far…

I signed up for the New York University School of Professional Studies online courses, and I thought to myself, it’s only 8 weeks, I can do it.

8 weeks, for 1 module.

Then, I signed up for another module, and it’s in the same period as the first module. This module lasts for 2 weeks. Very intensive one.

And then, I signed up for another 8 weeks module, and it overlaps with the other 2 modules. I thought to myself it’s only 3 modules, I used to do 5 in a semester back in NUS, and I had time to do my freelancing work. 3 is nothing.

When classes finally started, I had to adjust my daily schedule to Eastern Time. Singapore is 13 hours ahead of New York. In case you wonder, I do attend the lecture the same time with my classmates. Evening class for them, super early morning class before work for me. Not that I am not used to waking up at 5am in the morning. I used to work morning shifts, and I start work at 6am. That explains why I sleep early. It annoys me when people calls me after 10pm. Thank god for iphone’s sleep mode. I don’t get disturbed and sleep in peace.

A couple of weeks into the 1st module, Marketing Principles and Practices, another module starts, Search Marketing. Every week there are readings and assignments to do. Although we are free to listen to Search Marketing’s webcasts at our own pace, but we only have 2 weeks to finish the lessons, do the assignments and discussions. There are so much to read and do, on top of a day job. I really mean it when I say my weekends are gone, and although it was a 4 day break this Lunar New Year, I spent quite a bit of time on my books, apart from spending time with my family and relatives.

Looking at the load and amount of things to do, I know I cannot manage a 3rd module. NYU gives you the flexibility to cancel a course with full refund as long as the class hasn’t started. That is a bonus feature of NYU. It’s sad that I couldn’t do another module, but I know dropping it before it starts is the best option.

A lot of friends have been asking me to meet up, but I tell everyone they need to wait till April. I am done with Search Marketing, but I still have a final paper and presentation for my other marketing module. Although they are all online classes, but the quality is not compromised. I can assure you the lecturers are awesome people, and there’s so much to learn from them. There’s no discount in the knowledge you can get, and whatever is taught in class is fully applicable to the real world. They are not textbook knowledge. The adjunct teachers are professionals in the marketing industry, and have their day jobs as well, running their companies and servicing clients. There’s just so much that you can discuss with them and learn.

So, it’s really become a 8 weeks stint, with 2 modules, a day job, and my life. 6 weeks have gone by, but it felt like so long yet so fast. I’ve done so much in these 6 weeks, and time just passes by so quickly.

2 more weeks to go. I can do this.

Now, it’s back to writing my final paper.



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