Day 15: #Celebratelife365

My office is located in a “good food” area, as many people say to me. Not lacking of food choices, but I have my usual places to go to. However, I surrender to bakeries and cafes, because I love cakes!

Thinking back, I have cakes everyday this week! And today, it’s the San Dominque from Mad About Sucre. It’s so amazingly good. The rum inside the chocolate cube is so strong and good. I have quit alcohol for 8 months, so all I did was to eat a small piece of the chocolate, and I could taste a rum infused chocolate. Shared the cake with my colleague Kathy, and she loves it too! Their cakes are not cheap, but they are worth every dime!

Who will complain it’s a bad day when you get awesome cakes?!

Mad About Sucre is located at 27 Teo Hong Road. Nearest MRT Station: Outram Park (Exit from Dorset) Tel number: +65 62213969


#Celebratelife365 #Thrive

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