Thinking about #Hashtags again

I have a particular interest in hashtags. Given the nature of my job, I see hashtags everyday, deal with them everyday, and wonder about them everyday.

I always think if people understands the purpose of hashtags. Are they using hashtags for branding, content curation, or just mere bagging for more likes and followers. No doubt riding on the right hashtags is a strategy digital marketers use to expand fanbase and reach, however it is always a meticulous and well-thought plan. And decent marketers will not ask you to spam hashtags. (NO, don’t use all 30 hashtags in 1 Instagram post.) It doesn’t mean the more hashtags, the more likes you will get for your post.

I find it a pity that many people take rather nice pictures and share it to social media, but they throw in a whole basket of hashtags. Using too many hashtags affects your branding. Yes, you have a branding even if it’s your personal social media account. A strategic use of hashtags will in turn help you increase your followers and engagement over time. All the more important if you are investing good money in doing up good images, good videos to share on social. Especially if you are a brand selling premium product, you want people to feel the premium through your digital and social media marketing efforts. Using too much hashtags won’t help you deliver the premium feel.

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