Day 16: #Celebratelife365

No matter how busy, there are 2 friends I will make time for. One being my buddy, and the other is my favourite chef.

Hiew is finally back to Singapore after being away for 2 years, but he is travelling all the time now, and this trip back is not a permanent one. Our friendship dates back to 2008, and that was my first job after graduation. We met at work, and by some miracle, we became closer. I trust him to cook for my family during Chinese New Year, especially when my brother was sick. I needed to trust the person who is preparing the meal. The food doesn’t only needs to taste good, it also has to be prepared in an absolute clean and hygiene environment. And I trust Hiew to do it. When he was still the head chef at Mandarin Oriental Cherry Garden, I celebrate my birthday at the restaurant every year, and he would prepare all my favourite. (And I still want his 炒面线! When will that day come?!)

A very silly me when he was in Las Vegas. I was watching television on a Sunday morning, and I saw snippets of his interview. I couldn’t help but start tearing. I missed this guy so much!

Finally I had the chance to visit him in Las Vegas last November, and I was so happy to see him. Long flights, one transfer after another, and I was just counting down to see him.

Knowing that he will return to Singapore this March, it was another countdown.

Endless buffets in Las Vegas, so I decided to bring him to eat local food. I normally don’t eat that much. But I guess good mood makes anything possible.

We went to Tong Ah, and he decided to have Assam Fish Head Curry. I’ve eaten at Tong Ah so many times, but this dish is a first.

Assam Fish Head Curry

After that I brought Hiew to Mad About Sucre, because I wanted him to try the cakes there.

Coco CitronPassion fruit

It’s said that food draws people closer and I have to agree. It was a food programme that brought us together, and the love for good food that brought us closer. Also, I learnt alot of cooking skills from him, always asking him for tips!

Friend, wherever you are. I will hunt you down. 这辈子你别想逃!

#Celebratelife365 #Thrive

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