Day 21: #Celebratelife365

Today, I count my blessings that I am a Chinese Language graduate. Many MPs gave their tribute speech in Parliament today, sharing their stories of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, and their appreciation to him.

Many of them gave speeches in mother tongues, and I was particularly touched by some of them, by Ms Sim Ann, Mr Wong Kan Seng, and Mr Low Thia Kiang. Even though Mr Low Thia Kiang does not agree with some of things Mr Lee Kuan Yew did, but he gave a really fair assessment of Mr Lee, which is very honourable. “Mr Lee Kuan Yew will listen to you, as long as you can convince him.” “Mr Lee Kuan Yew does not like to talk rubbish, because there is no time to waste, there are much more important things to do.” There was a particular sense of familiarity when I heard these speeches.

And in one of the speeches today, this was said “修身齐家,治国平天下”,and Mr Lee Kuan Yew was such a man. To be honest, this is a rather simple statement. But if I didn’t have the language skills and training in the language, I would not appreciate what they have said as much as I would have loved to.

I thank my family, and my teachers who have taught me well for my language abilities.

#Celebratelife365 #Thrive

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