Day 28: #Celebratelife365

It’s been a while since I felt so relaxed. No more cramming of readings and lectures during public holidays and weekends, and I can truly enjoy without a countdown timer in my head. Thankful for the Good Friday holiday, I was able to do something fun.

I made a trip to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple today, more specifically the museum and explored the place. I visit the temple at least once a week to pray, partly because it’s so near office. I will go to the temple during lunch time, and then walk over to my favourite vegetarian shop for lunch.

I’ve been wanting to visit the museum, and I marked it in my calendar to do so today. There are 4 storeys to explore, including a rooftop orchid garden. I claim Buddhism as my religion, and find great pleasure and meaning in visiting temples. For the record, I’ve flew in to Chengdu just to see the Big Buddha in Le Shan and visit some of the famous temples in 2014. (One of the crazy things I do!)

Also, today is the 15th day of the second lunar month. I make it a point to visit the temple to pray and be a vegetarian on the 1st and 15th of the lunar month. I am very used and comfortable with being a vegetarian. I was once a vegetarian for 9 months. I did that after my grandfather passed away, and I hope by earning merits for my grandfather in his afterlife by being a vegetarian.

When I was still in junior college, someone predicted I will become a Buddhist. Back when I was younger in secondary school, I believed in Christianity, and followed my dad to the church. Big life events happened, one of which was my best friend passing away, and that changed my life. My godmother brought me to temples during weekends, and I gradually learnt more about Buddhism. I didn’t thought of myself as a Buddhist then. It was much later on when my grandfather fell very ill, and I was so scared, of losing him. I was in university then, and I was not ready to lose him. I was desperate. I prayed. I prayed hard for him. I prayed it’s not cancer, but some other illnesses which are more easily treated. God answered to my prayers, and he was found to have TB and not cancer. I thanked God for it, and kept to my promise that I will do more good for my prayers answered. And I got even closer to Buddhism, and eventually called myself a Buddhist.

I do not call myself an expert with Buddhism, I know too little. Although I took a term of Buddhism class, but that is not enough. It is a constant learning, and exploration. But I do know something. I have been a blessed girl, and I will continue to learn to grow empathy, and be kind to others. And we call this “merit”.

Merit for myself, merit for my family, merit for friends. Whoever it is for, as long as we try to be kind to one another, we can make this world a better place to live in. Thankful for Buddhism, I am constantly learning how to become a better person.

I always believe every religion is good, and it teaches everyone to practice good. It’s the calling of every individual. And I call this “fate”. I am not saying Buddhism is the best religion in the world, and everyone should believe in it. Believe in what is best for you.

Hope everyone had a good break today.

#celebratelife365 #thrive

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