Day 30: #celebratelife365

Today is 5th April 2015, it’s been 2 years since the boy left us. Many things have changed, but the love remains. For the past 2 years, I’ve woken up at around the time you left us. No alarms, I just woke up. Last year I went for a run, this year I laid in bed until I fell asleep again.

You were a brave boy, it was a tough and long fight, but you never gave up. Many people says I’m a tough cookie, but I know I am no where near you. Each time things get tough, I’ll always remind myself you will never let me give up, like how you never gave up. Even during your weakest times, you were there for me, caring for me, giving me your support. I was never the best sister in the world, I never did the things to be the most well-liked sister. There were times that I had to make tough decisions that were not too pleasant but you never held it against me. You have one of the kindest hearts, and so loved by everyone. We are siblings, but you were far more outstanding in so many ways. I’ve always been proud to have such an intelligent brother like you, and this will never change.

I promised you I will try my best to continue what you have left behind. I’m not as smart as you, but I can try as hard as you to succeed. Like how you made it in the army to finally becoming a commissioned officer.





Thank you for being my brother this lifetime. 来世轮回,我们再见。

I celebrate for being a blessed girl, to have you as my brother.


I’ll #thrive even more, for you.

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