Day 31: #celebratelife365

Oh wow! I’ve just realized my #celebratelife365 project is now into day 31. It’s been a month already!

I still remember more than a year ago there was a #100happydays project. It went viral! I love it, and I took part in it! Everyone wants to be happy, and sharing photo updates are so common now that people are more inclined to pick up. That’s one campaign that I can still remember, and a brilliant use of hashtag strategy.

I work with various brands nowadays, and I work out a different strategy for them. However my project has NOTHING to do with any brands. It’s really a reflection and execution of my personal views of life and the world . If you insist, “I” am the brand.

Someone asked me my age, because she was curious. She said I am much more matured then my age. People who are close enough to me will know I’ve gone through some major ups and downs in life. A broken marriage, and the arduous journey to singlehood. Being a caregiver for 10 years of my life, fighting endless battles for my loved ones. Losing people closest to me, and it’s one after another. All these taught me to grow up faster then my peers. A friend used to tell me my life is too full of drama. And my reply is always the same, I didn’t ask for all these drama. They just happened. And in my best friend Queena’s words, she said to the reporter regarding her illness, “it’s your life, and you just have to live with it.” 

After learning more about Buddhism, I learnt to appreciate these challenges more. Besides living with it, I’ve learnt to see them as important lessons in life. As much as I don’t wish for these things to happen, but when they do, I’m glad I learnt how to manage these difficult situations, and survived! I have skills my peers don’t have. I learnt to move on much faster and not harp on what happened. I can devote more time and energy to think of how to make things better, or ease the situation. Instead of panicking, I’m calmer then others. These are one of my greatest assets, though some people do think I’m rather cold when there is a crisis. I’m not cold, I’ve just learnt how to compartmentalize my emotions and thinking better. (Though my friends will probably say I’m a crazy woman always saying funny stuff to make them laugh, doing nonsensical stuff sometimes just to entertain them.) People who doesn’t know about my personal life wouldn’t think I have such a “drama” life when they deal with me on a day to day basis.

It’s because of my past all the more I want to see people happy, and share laughters. Cherish what you have in life and not lament what you don’t have. You are richer then what you think. I hope my sharing brings happy thoughts to your mind, and puts a smile on your face.


#Celebratelife365 #Thrive

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