Merry Christmas!

2015 happened in a flash, and we are now celebrating Christmas!

Thank you to all who loved me, and stayed by my side through all the good and bad times.

Merry Christmas 2015

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Merry Christmas to everyone! Stay healthy and smile!

Love, Mavis

Christmas 2014: Reflection over tissue papers

3 packets of tissue papers, and it kept me troubled the whole day.

I went to the temple at Middle Road today, and saw many old folks peddling tissue papers. I cringed at the sight. Some of them in wheelchairs. There’s so many of them, each with a different sign describing their problems.

Who to help? I asked myself.

I walked up to one uncle, gave him a $10. He wrote on his cardboard, he needs the money to pay for his medications. I don’t know if he has any family. But these old folks shouldn’t be suffering.

This became a discussion topic with my friend today. What can we, and the government do to help?

Instead of exposing themselves to the sun and rain, can they sit behind 7-11 cashiers and collect money? (Just an example)

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