The tissue paper uncle

I was at Middle Road on Tuesday, and I didn’t see the uncle. He’s the one I always go to for tissue papers. I felt uneasy.

So I went again yesterday, again, he wasn’t there. I got worried. I haven’t seen him in nearly a week, I hope he is alright.

I decided to try my luck again today. I was so glad to see him! But I saw him with a bag of medicine, different bottles of black mixture and he was taking them. I waited by the side for him to finish his medicine, I didn’t want to rush him. He didn’t see me. I had the $10 note in my hand. I gave a sigh of relief, uncle hasn’t been well. Phew, I’m glad to see him again. I don’t know why I have this emotional attachment with him, but I really don’t want anything terrible to happen to him.

I went up to him, passed him the note. I didn’t take any tissues from him today, I don’t need them. I have been buying from other aunties and uncles, but I don’t feel as strongly for them.

As we talk about SG50 this year, let’s not also forget this group of elderly. You can see them everywhere. With all the celebrations to thank them for their contributions, I also think there is this group who don’t ask for much. Let’s not forget them. Before we do any big campaigns to help them, let’s start work on our own first to help them.

Day 17: #Celebratelife365

What makes you happy? Do you feel happy only when you achieve something? Do you feel happy about the things you already own?

I was at Middle Road today, and did the usual to pray in the temple. No surprises, I see many old folks selling tissue paper. And the same uncle I always go to is there. I will be worried if I don’t.


I’m thankful that I have the ability to help him. There are many more people like this uncle who needs our help. And if you can, please help them too.

#Celebratelife365 #Thrive 

Why I stopped buying #tissuepapers

Tissue paper packs

I’ve stopped buying pocket tissues from shops for a long time. It was a conscious decision.

These tissue papers you see above are from one person- an uncle in wheelchair in Middle Road. He’s the same person I chose to “buy” tissue paper from in my earlier post in 2014.

There should be more. I’ve used some of them, and many times I see the uncle sleeping, so I just left the money on the tray and left.

It’s not only this uncle who is doing this “business”. There are so many others, and not just in Middle Road.

Most of them are old, on wheelchairs, and some are handicapped. What can we do to help them? How much can they earn by selling 3 packets of tissues for $1? (Maybe $2, I don’t know for sure, because I always give at least $5.)

I mentioned this to a friend, I want to do more to help them. How many packets of tissue papers do we need? How fast do we consume them?

My heart aches, especially when I see the elderly, and they are all alone without family to take care of them. These folks remind me of my grandparents. I love my grandparents dearly, and I did anything I could in the past to protect them when they were still around. This explains why I cringe each time I see old folks who are alone, and suffer just to earn some money to survive.

I have been thinking, what can I/we do to help these people who needs help? It’s obvious selling tissue papers won’t get them enough money for living expenses and medical bills.

I keep these packets as a constant reminder of how lucky I am. The collection will only grow. I get them faster then my consumption.

I will continue to #Stopbuyingtissues from the stores, and think of how I can help all of them better, not just one uncle.

#Oldfolks #Singapore

Christmas 2014: Reflection over tissue papers

3 packets of tissue papers, and it kept me troubled the whole day.

I went to the temple at Middle Road today, and saw many old folks peddling tissue papers. I cringed at the sight. Some of them in wheelchairs. There’s so many of them, each with a different sign describing their problems.

Who to help? I asked myself.

I walked up to one uncle, gave him a $10. He wrote on his cardboard, he needs the money to pay for his medications. I don’t know if he has any family. But these old folks shouldn’t be suffering.

This became a discussion topic with my friend today. What can we, and the government do to help?

Instead of exposing themselves to the sun and rain, can they sit behind 7-11 cashiers and collect money? (Just an example)

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