Learning Cantonese

Learning languages is a fun thing. Cantonese is a common language in my everyday life. A lot of people I know speak the language, fortunately I’ve never tried speaking it, though I can understand when people speak the language.

When it comes to learning something, all you need is a little motivation. And I found mine to learning how to speak Cantonese. I spent some time looking for Cantonese classes that I can attend, and sent in my enquiry. Waiting for the school to come back to me.

At the same time, I went onto YouTube to look for videos on learning Cantonese. (I used to watch YouTube videos when learning my Japanese.) In this world and age, just Google or YouTube for answers!

I found this very interesting YouTube channel, and eventually the website that provides free lessons, and you get notes and handouts free just by signing up with them. The website is www.cantoneseclass101.com.

Finding someone to practice Cantonese with me won’t be difficult. Not bragging, but I don’t think it will be that difficult to master Cantonese!

Another way to #Thrive!