The new MediaCorp building

By chance, I was at One-North area, and walked past the new MediaCorp building. I’ve seen the pictures, layout of the new building many many times, when I was still with the company. I’ve never had the chance to visit it, and I thought it’s unlikely that I’ll get to see it during the construction phase. But it didn’t happen. I saw the new building, the shape and form exactly the same as what I saw.

Looking forward to see the actual building after completion. I do feel for MediaCorp, I spent a good 6 years of my life and career there. I’ve seen it grow, sweat and cried with the company throughout the journey. Thank you MediaCorp. Thank you Shaun. Thank you Debra. And everyone else for giving me the opportunities and love while I was with MediaCorp and Channel NewsAsia.

New MediaCorp building under construction