Sorry lungs.

Dear lungs,

I’m sorry for all the stress I’ve given you in the past month. I know I’ve been coughing non stop, and sometimes so hard. I also know the antibiotics were harsh on you, and made you worked so much harder.

Of all my organs, I think you guys work the hardest. I’ve never touched a single cigarette in my life, my biggest damage to you was the latent TB I’ve got 10 years ago. I’ve recovered, but I know both of you will never be the same again.

My face is flushed from all the coughing, and I know how horrible you must be feeling now. 

I’m trying my best to stop the cough, seeing the doctor and taking my medicine diligently. But do give me some time as TCM takes a longer time to take effect. I hope you can understand and hang in there, believe me this will be over soon.


Mavis the human