Shoot. Shoot. Shoot.

I think I took more than 500 photos today.

My creative designer told me she needs some high resolution image of Kinder Bueno chocolate, so I went out to get some today. Once I got back, I started shooting and uploaded them to Box for her to use. (It’s 100+ photos for this batch, so it took a while to upload.)

While it’s uploading, I went to Bras Besah to look for flipboard. (It’s for office, my boss Zoran told me to get it. Thank goodness it will be delivered to my office the next day, so I won’t have to lug it up 3 storeys of stairs! Office is in a shophouse, there’s no lift!)

Came back, and continued with the shoot. Making use of whatever I can find at home, from yoghurt, granola, transparent glass cups and bowls and of course chocolates, I made up whatever I can and snapped pictures.

It’s just so me, once I start, I can’t stop.

Though it’s work, but I do love photography. It was good fun today with my oh so bimbo camera! And this is how I #thrive!

My oh so bimbo Samsung NX1000