Understanding Search Marketing in deeper context

I am halfway through my NYU Search Marketing class. Cramming all lessons over the weekend. I chose this life, I am not complaining.

As I listened to the classes, I missed the days that I login to Omniture everyday at work. Everyday I am starring at different data, especially keywords and search traffic. Besides working with numbers, creating pivot tables and drawing different charts, it was also starring at page source. Sounds very geeky, but I think it’s so fun to investigate them. What are the keywords and tags, are the analytics tools tagged properly (this was of utmost importance to me! No proper tagging, I will get crappy data!)

However I am no techie. I do not aspire to be a coder. (even though many studies have shown coders are in huge demand) I am happy to have working knowledge of codes to do my work, I don’t need to how how to code a website. I’ll leave this to the developers and engineers.

On the surface, many people will think that Search Marketing knowledge is for people in the media agencies. As I go along in my class, it’s become more and more evident that people on the creative side needs to have the knowledge too. As a digital creative agency, if clients want to build a new website, you need to consider the technical aspects, search aspects of creating a good website. How do you optimize? (As in my previous agency, Proximity Singapore, “optimize” is the everyday word we hear!)

It’s not just having a crazy idea, but it’s not a website that Google will index properly. You need to factor in the technical considerations. For example, to have breadcrumbs in a page. Breadcrumbs help your page to rank better, but also helps in improving user experience.

Search Engine Optimization, whether you are on the creative or media side, digital or social specialists, it will always interact with your work. If you don’t, you might be avoiding it.

For me, it’s now back to lessons.