Day 41: #Celebratelife365

It’s been a while since I last spoke Japanese proper. As I was walking back to office after lunch today, 2 Japanese ladies stopped me to ask for directions. They spoke minimal English, with some Japanese. I tried my best to provide them with the information with English and my rusty Japanese, but they don’t seem to get it. Thinking it will be a small detour that I have to make if I were to bring them to their destination, I decided to walk them there. It took me another 10 mins of lunch hour.

I’m really happy to walk with them and talked along the way. I’ve always love many things Japanese, that’s why I took up the language. They also reminded me I should do some revisions to brush up on my Japanese. (Sensei don’t be mad!)

#celebratelife365 #thrive

Day 39: #celebratelife365

I am now a regular of the vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown. I lunch there almost every weekday. The uncle calls me by my name.

Everyday he looks forward to sharing new dishes with me. He knows I love noodles and soups, sometimes I don’t even have to say anything, and he knows what I want.

This place feels like home to me. And the people too.

They don’t only feed me. They feed my soul too.

#Celebratelife365 #thrive

Day 38: #celebratelife365

This post is for yesterday. I missed writing.

A friend came down specially to Chinatown from Dhoby Ghaut to have lunch with me, and to my favourite vegetarian place. Friend is not a fan of vegetarian food but agreed to it nonetheless. One thing I learnt from this action, this friend is not a hi-bye type. 🙂

#celebratelife365 #thrive

Day 37: #celebratelife365

We never know how much we own until we lose something. I learnt this lesson long ago, and one of the things I want to achieve life is to have no more regrets.

I told myself I’ll never want to have another regret in life when Queena passed away. I never got to see her for the last time before she left. For months I kept delaying my visit because of school work.

Had the time and space to myself today, and I reflected. Don’t wait to show your love to your loved ones. Don’t wait to do anything and you lose the chance. Sometimes you need to wait for the best time, but don’t procrastinate when it’s the good time.

#celebratelife365 #thrive

Day 34: #celebratelife365

I missed out on yesterday, so I’m making it up today. There will be 2 posts today. Writing this as I’m in the bus on my way for dinner.

Yesterday I met my love in Proximity for lunch. We were not just working partners but great friends as well. And the friendship lasted till today, even after I’ve left the place for 7 months.

It’s been a while since we last met up, our last drinks session was at least 5 months ago. Food is very important to us, we used to be on the hunt for “real” food. Cheap and good food. We went slightly atas yesterday. No terrible food court stuff (we always prefer hawker centers for the food quality), and went to a Korean restaurant. Food was alright, and they took a long time to serve. But that gave us the time to talk.

I know this woman knows me quite well. But I didn’t expect she knows me THAT well! I was really touched and made me missed the days when we were working together. We basically relied so much on each other to get work done. The late nights, the rushing of briefs, weekend whatsapp for work, we both just want to get the best work done. You want to know who your buddies are when in a war, and she is one of them. I’ll want to work with her again, if ever there’s a chance.

Very often you see and interact with your colleagues more than your family, it’s important you can enjoy the company of your colleagues. She’s one girl who definitely made my life sweeter in office. Thank you my love.

#celebratelife365 #thrive

Day 35: #Celebratelife365

I had a good dinner to end the work week. Went to Suprette in Kam Leng Hotel for dinner. Food was good, and free flow of fries! What caught my eye was the hotel’s decoration. It’s rustic, charming in it’s own ways. I did a quick research on my phone.

I’ve always loved doing staycations, especially in unique hotels. Kam Leng definitely got my attention, and the price is very attractive. Maybe, the next time…hmm

Nonetheless, always happy to discover a new place. I should go to bed now. Got a play to catch tomorrow. Looking forward to the show!

Goodnight everyone!

#Celebratelife365 #Thrive

Day 33: #Celebratelife365

So happy the pitch today went well! Client was happy, very excited. The best part of it is that we will use social media platforms besides Facebook. It has become a “pay to play” platform, and no longer a good to use, but must have social broadcast channel. New challenges fire up new energy and motivation. And personally I am one who likes to explore, but often what I can do with my team is very dependent on the client. We are very thankful this client is so opened to taking our recommendations and try new platforms. Of course, I am also glad that she likes my strategies and recommendations. 🙂

#celebratelife365 #thrive

Day 32: #Celebratelife365

Every incident is a learning experience. A bad thing can be good, a good thing can be bad. I learnt that there is no definite black and white to one thing. A bad experience can teach you to be more alert in future, and while a good experience is definitely something welcomed, but it can also lead to complacency.

This came out of a conversation with a friend today. It’s a good reminder. Thankful for good friends, friends who help make you a better person.

#Celebratelife365 #Thrive

Day 31: #celebratelife365

Oh wow! I’ve just realized my #celebratelife365 project is now into day 31. It’s been a month already!

I still remember more than a year ago there was a #100happydays project. It went viral! I love it, and I took part in it! Everyone wants to be happy, and sharing photo updates are so common now that people are more inclined to pick up. That’s one campaign that I can still remember, and a brilliant use of hashtag strategy.

I work with various brands nowadays, and I work out a different strategy for them. However my project has NOTHING to do with any brands. It’s really a reflection and execution of my personal views of life and the world . If you insist, “I” am the brand.

Someone asked me my age, because she was curious. She said I am much more matured then my age. People who are close enough to me will know I’ve gone through some major ups and downs in life. A broken marriage, and the arduous journey to singlehood. Being a caregiver for 10 years of my life, fighting endless battles for my loved ones. Losing people closest to me, and it’s one after another. All these taught me to grow up faster then my peers. A friend used to tell me my life is too full of drama. And my reply is always the same, I didn’t ask for all these drama. They just happened. And in my best friend Queena’s words, she said to the reporter regarding her illness, “it’s your life, and you just have to live with it.” 

After learning more about Buddhism, I learnt to appreciate these challenges more. Besides living with it, I’ve learnt to see them as important lessons in life. As much as I don’t wish for these things to happen, but when they do, I’m glad I learnt how to manage these difficult situations, and survived! I have skills my peers don’t have. I learnt to move on much faster and not harp on what happened. I can devote more time and energy to think of how to make things better, or ease the situation. Instead of panicking, I’m calmer then others. These are one of my greatest assets, though some people do think I’m rather cold when there is a crisis. I’m not cold, I’ve just learnt how to compartmentalize my emotions and thinking better. (Though my friends will probably say I’m a crazy woman always saying funny stuff to make them laugh, doing nonsensical stuff sometimes just to entertain them.) People who doesn’t know about my personal life wouldn’t think I have such a “drama” life when they deal with me on a day to day basis.

It’s because of my past all the more I want to see people happy, and share laughters. Cherish what you have in life and not lament what you don’t have. You are richer then what you think. I hope my sharing brings happy thoughts to your mind, and puts a smile on your face.


#Celebratelife365 #Thrive

Day 30: #celebratelife365

Today is 5th April 2015, it’s been 2 years since the boy left us. Many things have changed, but the love remains. For the past 2 years, I’ve woken up at around the time you left us. No alarms, I just woke up. Last year I went for a run, this year I laid in bed until I fell asleep again.

You were a brave boy, it was a tough and long fight, but you never gave up. Many people says I’m a tough cookie, but I know I am no where near you. Each time things get tough, I’ll always remind myself you will never let me give up, like how you never gave up. Even during your weakest times, you were there for me, caring for me, giving me your support. I was never the best sister in the world, I never did the things to be the most well-liked sister. There were times that I had to make tough decisions that were not too pleasant but you never held it against me. You have one of the kindest hearts, and so loved by everyone. We are siblings, but you were far more outstanding in so many ways. I’ve always been proud to have such an intelligent brother like you, and this will never change.

I promised you I will try my best to continue what you have left behind. I’m not as smart as you, but I can try as hard as you to succeed. Like how you made it in the army to finally becoming a commissioned officer.





Thank you for being my brother this lifetime. 来世轮回,我们再见。

I celebrate for being a blessed girl, to have you as my brother.


I’ll #thrive even more, for you.